Why Coaches Should Attend their Student’s Tournaments

Why Coaches Should Attend their Student’s Tournaments


From a student’s perspective, it is important that coaches make an effort to attend matches outside of practice as it allows for the coach to see how the athlete plays during matches and under pressure—contrary to practice.

Then, coaches can give tips and help them be more confident during match play. Also, a coach’s presence at tournaments signifies they care about their student’s progression, and the student is grateful for seeing a familiar face, giving fist bumps or clapping from time to time.

This is evident at GMT where Hans Gildemeister or Christopher Le Bert Gildemeister (two GMT coaches) are always found at tournaments cheering on their students.

They sacrifice their time outside of practice to support their student’s development as a tennis player by watching them play tournaments.

All coaches should adopt this philosophy as their students will be grateful for it and will allow coaches to help their students improve.

Jose Moreno, a student at GMT, said, “It’s important to see what the player plays like in tournaments, so they know what the player really needs to work on. No one plays the same in practice as in tournaments, so it’s extremely important.”