GMT Assists Athletes in Playing Tennis in College

GMT Assists Athletes in Playing Tennis in College

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Our academy understands that most junior player’s dream is to become a professional player. At our academy, we train and prepare them like professionals. We push them to the limit and give them the best coaching and tools to achieve their goals. But, we also understand, that most players will have a better chance of succeeding at the collegiate level, and, therefore, we make sure they receive the best advice and preparation to be admitted into the right university.

GMT partners with University Sports Program (USP), one of the world’s most recognized college placement agencies. USP College Placement program assists our students through the entire collegiate enrollment process, from choosing a school, to applying, to getting accepted. USP, with a 100% guaranteed placement, has generated millions of dollars in athletic scholarships for students & athletes around the world in prestigious universities across the USA.

DSC_1149All academy students enrolled in our college placement program will be assisted by USP in the following areas:

  • Development of player presentation to coaches (profile & video)
  • Assessment on College Tennis rules and eligibility
  • Assessment on communicating with college coaches and preparing for interviews and visits
  • Screening to select the best colleges based on student’s personal, academic and athletic qualifications
  • Individual contact with each coach and negotiation of the best possible scholarship offers
  • Assistance in the planning of college visits
  • Assistance in the admissions and all testing requirements (SAT,ACT and TOEFL)
  • Assistance with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse application

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