Players Participate in Eddie Herr International

Players Participate in Eddie Herr International

Eddie Herr International is a tennis tournament in which junior players from across the world play against each other at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

On November 26, the qualifying tournament began, and eight GMT students played in it. One of the eight traveled from Chile to not only play in the tournament but to train at GMT as well.

Isabel Benitez and Montserrat Sierra played in Girl’s 14s. Sierra won two rounds in the qualifiers. Paris Marozzelli played in Girl’s 16s; she had a bye, one walkover, and, unfortunately, lost in the following round.

Bobby James-Rodil played in Boy’s 14s. Ninad Raut, Tomas Valencia (from Chile), and Noir Wyatt all participated in Boy’s 16s. Valencia won one round, and Raut won two. In addition, long-time GMT player Josรฉ Moreno played in Boy’s 18s.

Felipe Lopez, who is from Chile and has been training at GMT in preparation for Eddie Herr and the Orange Bowl tournament, on the other hand, made it automatically into the Boy’s 16s main draw as a result of his high ranking in Chile.

Lopez lost first round in singles. However, he entered into the Boy’s 16s Doubles draw with partner Gonzalo Bueno from Peru. They reached the final.

The large amount of GMT students that have participated in Eddie Herr International and won multiple rounds, as compared to previous years, adds to the fact of the growth of the Academy and the development of its students.

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