Gildemeister Tennis Academy

Gildemeister Tennis players and coaches.
GMT players and coaches after a hard day of training.

Several Gildemeister Tennis Academy students reside locally with the program. Players take online schooling or attend a local private or public school. Because we also value education, they are expected to meet the highest academic standards. This ensures they will become well rounded people and gain entrance into the college of their choice.

Many of our students from abroad have played on their nations’ Davis Cup or Fed Cup Teams. They are expected to take their winning attitudes a step further into professional or college tennis. Gildemeister Tennis Academy provides them with the tools that are essential for their success.

Gildemeister Tennis Academy is an elite tennis program. We are headed by some of tennis’s most respected and prominent figures. We groom students from the United States and all over the world for a career in professional and college tennis. We help them achieve their goals by preparing them for college—earning scholarships to Division 1 schools. And, most importantly, we teach them values of hard work and sportsmanship that carries into their personal lives.

Video evaluation allows students to review their play and better organize their game plans. The use of video in preparation for upcoming events helps students evaluate their opponents. This teaches them to break down their opponent’s strengths and expose their weaknesses.

Many of our athletes come from Chile, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, Aruba, and as far as Russia. As Hans Gildemeister is a renowned player and coach, athletes from all over the world travel to GMT to be coached by one of the best in the world. Students who reside locally, also, have a chance to be exposed to new cultures, which is essential to growing not only as a person, but as an athlete as well.

Students receive three to five hours of on-court training a day. There is also a rigorous off-court regimen: hours in the gym, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and strength and conditioning training.  Gildemeister Tennis Academy training is modified to accommodate each particular athlete.

The psychology of tennis and winning carries over into all aspects of their lives. Gildemeister Tennis Academy values a positive attitude above all else. We teach refocusing negative thoughts and critically thinking while under extreme pressure. This is vital to successful competition in any aspect of life.

Students receive training in game tactics, mental toughness, and injury prevention. A healthy diet is essential to an athlete’s success, so they are taught to eat well because a healthy body is the first step to a healthy life.

These students are groomed to be top level tennis players and individuals who are strong in both body and mind. Gildemeister Tennis Academy wants them to succeed in any path they chose in life.

Coaching Philosophy

  • Unique proven methods of success
  • Individual attention, care, planning, and guidance in all areas of player development
  • Quality instruction with low player-to-coach ratios
  • Discipline in training habits
  • Scientific analysis of biomechanics
  • “Train like the pros” mentality
  • Technical, tactical, match play instruction
  • Family atmosphere

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